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Amazing Run 3D


《勇敢向前衝》是一款最歡樂的橫版真人秀闖關遊戲,玩家通過操縱角色奔跑、跳躍、躲避重重障礙,向終點全力衝刺。 40個關卡、50種障礙、4個主題場景等你挑戰。通過遊戲體驗真人秀闖關的歡樂與刺激,感受人物動作的滑稽與搞笑,更有無盡模式讓你領略前所未有的極限挑戰!通過挑戰關卡錘煉你的技巧,穿越重重阻礙。保持你的頭腦清醒,持續迎接新的挑戰,你是否準備好了呢?遊戲特色:- 真人秀闖關體驗,歡樂又刺激- 40個關卡,50種障礙,4個主題場景等待你挑戰- 4個角色任你選,多套衣服隨意搭配,打造屬於你的個性角色- 27+成就等待你達成,更有豐富獎勵等你領取
Amazing Run is the #1 action adventure game show with 3D graphics and realistic physics. Feel the speed as you negotiate your way through obstacles in this unique sports game!
Amazing Run offers a series of challenging obstacles for you to navigate and complete. Run, climb, jump, crawl, and swim your way through 4 beautiful and challenging environments. The pace goes from fast to relentless with the aim of testing your speed and endurance. There’s no time to waste, but how many stages can you survive?
Game Features:- Colorful and vivid 3D graphics- 4 gorgeous organic environments with 40 well designed levels- Choose from 4 contestants and customize them the way you like- 50+ obstacle elements and 27+ achievements